The Titles and Honors in Eleytheria are very broad. There exist several honors systems, most of them regulated at least in part by the Royal Honors and Titles Office.

Medals Edit

The Medals system is currently under revision.


The APOMA, Annual Prize for Outstanding Micronational Achievements, is a single prize for the micronation which, crudely said, achieves the most in one given year. Thus, it simultaneously judges the level of activity and the broadness of culture of the micronation. Five of these Prizes are given out every year, and they are given out on December 31 at the discretion of the Honors and Titles Office.

Ranks of Nobility Edit

Male form Female form Written style Spoken style
Prince Princess His/Her Majestic Highness Your Majestic Highness
Archduke Archduchess His/Her Imperial Highness Your Highness
Duke Duchess His/Her Highness Your Highness
Marquess Marchioness His Grace1 Your Grace
Count Countess The Honorable and Noble Your Grace
Vicomte Vicomtess The Honorable and Noble Your Honor
Baron Baroness The Most Noble Your Noble Lordship
Baronet Baronetess The Noble My Noble Lord
Lord Lady The Lord/Lady Mylord/Mylady
Sir Dame Esq. (suffix) Sir/Madam
1: Some Marquesses and Marchionesses of the humbler sort prefer the written attribution of
"The Honorable and Noble".